June 2, 2007

Our politicians: More talk while their faces turn away from Iraq

Time keeps ticking away, yet those in Washington cannot seem to pull themselves away from their meaningless fluff in order to come up with an exit strategy from Iraq. I have to say, I don't care to watch the evening news anymore. I don't want to hear of another man or woman who has lost their life to the war in Iraq. Hearing of our military death tolls angers me to no end. Every time a news item revealing how many more men and women we've lost comes across the screen, I have this same thought: Our government seems content to let this massacre continue.
Our politicians and those in charge of our military could do something about this tragic situation, yet they seem strangely indifferent and uninvolved.
According to this news item from May 29: 10 U.S. Soldiers Killed On Memorial Day, 5 British Nationals Kidnapped, "Gunmen dressed in police uniforms kidnapped five Britons from Iraq's Finance Ministry Tuesday, the same day that two suicide bombings killed at least 44 people and U.S. officials announced the Memorial Day deaths of 10 American soldiers".

Friends, this is not an isolated incident. These types of killings and kidnappings are a regular occurrence now. What do we hear from our President? Is he silent on this issue that is the single most important one this nation has faced for years?

A recent article from Counterpunch seems to sum it up. Here is a snippet:

President Bush can meet with family friend, Prince Bandar while Vice President Cheney meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, but neither leader are able to meet with Cindy Sheehan and the mothers who ask to know why their children have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our President and politicians seem indifferent, aloof, and unconcerned about the ever growing death tolls in Iraq because they are unconcerned! Man, what a revelation.
They are much too busy finding ways to line their pockets and stay in office.
From the time of our President's infamous, "Bring it on" statement to this day, The Prez seems like it doesn't matter how many of our military are killed and maimed.
Why are we still in Iraq?
Why are more of our sons and husbands, wives and daughters, dying?
These have been my questions over and over again.
I can see my own son giving his life to protect this country. It would be hard on me, but I could take that. I could accept that. But I could never get my arms around him giving his life for an unjust and futile cause.

The loved ones who have lost family members to this war are the first ones our government should give an account to.
The intelligence was flawed and this was the reason why we waged this war? Well it isn't flawed anymore. We have known full well for some time now that going into Iraq was a mistake.

War Profiteering

I will tell you my opinion of why we are still there and why our government has told us to buckle down and get ready to be there much longer than anticipated: It is because there are some getting very rich off of us staying there! Carlyle, Halliburton, Bechtel, and other corporations are loving this and every drop of blood that is spilled is nothing to them. If we leave, the money spigot stops for these people. But all is not lost. There is always something we can do, no matter how futile the situation may seem.

You can contact your Senate, just dial the switchboard for Congress at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senator by name.
If you need additional contact information for your senator, here is the place to get it.

Who wants us out of Iraq? The Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus. Take note of the names while you're there.

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