May 30, 2007

America Is A Mess

The mess that has become America cannot be fixed by any man. The only way for this country to get out of the mess that it has been in and remains in is by repenting collectively as a nation. We have went to Iraq and are there fighting an unjust war and untold numbers of innocent people have been murdered and maimed as a result of our foolishness. I truly don't care what many might say. If I do not speak this, it is on my conscience and that is something that I can't live with.

It is not only the war that we've waged against Iraq which has been our undoing. We send our military and national guard off thousands of miles away to spread "democracy and freedom" to those who don't want us intruding within their space, while our own northern and southern borders are a joke. Our unguarded borders will also be our undoing. And while some enjoy the cheap labor this offers, there will be a bitter pill to be swallowed in the end. I fear that the bitter pill will prove to be much more devastating to our nation than we fully understand.

I have related before on my site that I believe God's protective hand is being slowly but surely withdrawn from this nation. This is not to say that he will not watch over and protect those in this nation who remain faithful to him till the end. But there will be repercussions to us as a nation because of our sin and indifference to his commands.

What will the consequences be of our disobedience, failure to repent, and callousness to God and his word? I want to tell you that I cannot fathom it. I only know that God has had long patience and has been very good to this nation for so long that we have become as spoiled expectant children in the good things he's always provided to us. We take him as well as his protective hand for granted.

The scripture which relates to us that in the last days, "Everything that can be shaken WILL be shaken" is precisely what I believe we are in for. We will all be shaken. We will all have doubts and fears. We will all be tested in these last days before our Lord's return. But this test is one which we have brought upon ourselves. This nation should be the light bearer for all others but instead, we find that our light has dimmed and is now barely a flicker. How can we be a beacon to all nations if our light is almost out? the answer is, we cannot.

May 26, 2007

For Every Addict, The Hammer Will Drop

An addict will go on abusing drugs until some tragic event in their destructive life forces them to stop. I have had experience with addicts and I would say that for 90 % of them, it takes some really BAD times for them to stop. Most of them are incarcerated and some of them suffer severe health problems which stops them in their tracks. This is best for the addict because most of them won't come to the end of themselves and stop using unless the hammer drops (right on top of their heads).

This is because drug addicts are notorious for pushing the envelope. They have no control over themselves or their erratic lives. Many addicts will find themselves looking at a very long prison sentence because for years they have seemed to escape the consequences that all of the rest of us have had to pay.

But rest assured, someday the piper will have to be paid. That long awaited past due bill will have to be paid. The addict will end up having to pay the painful price of giving drugs his heart and soul.

But when the addict finally has to suffer these consequences, there is newfound hope for him. He is now forced to think about his life and how he has lived it.
He sees how empty his life has become and is now able to reflect on how many times he has hurt those who love him.

He is alone, frightened, without his comforter (his drug of choice) and it is in this time that he will turn to God IF he doesn't continue on in his stubbornness. God is waiting, he has always been waiting for this person to turn to him so that he could know what living a life truly can be. A real life is one in which you love others and love God, your creator. It is one in which you are not concerned about self, but concerned for the feelings and well-being of others. These things are foreign to those who are still abusing drugs. But the hope is there when the addict comes to the long end of himself.

May 12, 2007

The Call Has Went Out: Buy no Gas on May 15th

I'm unsure of how much of this pain we are supposed to take. Gas prices went up again yesterday in my neck of the woods.
I want to tell you about an interesting discussion I had at my local Wal-mart recently. A worker in the garden department caught an attendant at a nearby gas station upping the prices once again. She commented to me that she didn't know what she and the rest of us were going to do about these surging gas prices. She told me how hard it had become to make it to work with current gas prices eating away at her finances. While she was telling me this, a man walked up to us. I guess he had overheard our discussion. He told us the only thing that we can do about the gas gouge is to ban together. He said that there is a nationwide call going out for everyone. The call is for everyone to buy NO gas on May 15th.
I've decided to let everyone I know be tuned into this and they've agreed that they would join me and the rest of the citizens of the United States in saying no to big business and to the money hungry oil and gas producers and whoever else is responsible for gouging us until we cannot see straight. I am angry and I don't mind saying it. Our media should do more to look into this nightmare.

So once again, I urge you all to buy no gas on May 15th. The thinking is that this will cost those robbers a few billion dollars if we just stick it to them one day!

May 8, 2007

About This Site

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