March 24, 2006

America: Who will buy her goods?

American workers are feeling bitterly betrayed.

Due to outsourcing, buyouts, wage cuts and massive layoffs, the left out workers of today have no money to buy the goods that America has to offer.

The past few times I have walked in my nearest grocery store I noticed barely any customers there. I thought it strange the first time it happened but my last visit was much the same. This started me thinking. Rising gas prices along with those who have recently joined the growing ranks of the unemployed, have joined together to create a murkiness of the financial waters that will prove to be fatal for those who sell their goods in the U.S.A.

Those who sell in America will come to see that the average consumer will be too broke for them to sell their wares to.

Here is a scenario for you to contemplate:

A man has worked at the same company for 20 years or more.

He is laid-off or is forced to take a buy-out deal or a significant wage cut.

This man has a mortgage, utility bills, grocery bills, ever increasing abuse at the gas pumps, a wife, 2 children and upkeep for the kids alone breaks the bank.

How is a man put in this no win situation supposed to keep up with these financial demands?
This scenario has been played out in truth throughout America in recent years. Many are not getting extensions on their unemployment benefits and are ultimately losing their shirts in this sorry excuse for a robust economy.

In an online news item, "Buyout Feels to Them Like Being Sold Out" a man shares his predicament:
"We were promised a future with these companies. We've spent our lives at these factories. So have our parents, and so are our children," said Shotwell, 55, a machine operator at Delphi's fuel-injector plant in Coopersville, Mich. "We have to fight, any way we can."

Multiply this scenario by thousands and you will understand where our economy is headed. I believe that many are soon to feel the full effects of this.

Gas gouge

What are we supposed to do to battle this gas gouge that seems to be worsening? The answer seems to be for some to buy motorcycles and sell off their cars. Sounds like pretty drastic measures for an American citizen to take but you never know what we may have to resort to.

I don't believe we've seen the worst yet. Read my article "The Titanic Has Nothing On America".

Might as well face it we're Addicted to Oil?

Our President tells us we are "Addicted to Oil".

Yes, we are addicted/dependent upon oil, but those who are hooked the worst on it is those who have ties to it in our administration, Cheney, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr, Rice, etc.

They are addicted to the profits the oil industry generates.

Doing more for less in the declining American Economy

A changing of the lifestyles is in order for one and all, here and now.

Americans will have to learn the hard way that they are going to have to live on less of everything.. Less money, less groceries, less entertainment, and less gasoline.

The days of living beyond our means are finally drawing to a close. Who cares about keeping up with the Jones's when one cannot even keep gas in the tank or food in the fridge? Always before it was important for many to drive the newest S.U.V or the raciest sports car.

Now many are trying to sell off those luxury items that at one time were so dear to them in order to make their next mortgage payment so they can keep foreclosure at bay.

For those "high maintenance types" that have had their desires met in years past by charging their credit cards to the max,they are going to be in for the reality check of a lifetime. These people's lives will be dismal for a very long time to come. People feel they need things they don't. Their "needs" are only their "desires" and are NOT the necessities of life.

Rising unemployment + rising prices = empty aisles

Any way you look at it, the increasing numbers of the unemployed, combined with rising prices in all areas will equal empty aisles. But hey, those stock futures look a lot better ever since thousands of faithful workers got the axe. These companies are laying off workers and never does it cross their minds that the very ones they are getting rid of are the ones who will not be able to buy their products! Who is that company going to find to buy their products since the average American consumer cannot afford them due to job loss?

I have said repeatedly that our currency is going to lose out in the end. It is the stumbling block that will prove to be our downfall.