August 17, 2004

If God is to bless America, We must have a call to repentance

What I am going to say is not going to be easy. I truly hope that you can accept it for what it really is, which is a call for one and all to ponder on what much of our nation has become: A nation full of those who commit iniquity without the slightest thought of consequence to themselves or others.

There was a reason that God blessed America and gave strength and honor to this great nation. At one time the majority in this nation were God fearing,loving,humble people. At one time our faces were turned toward God and not our backs. Those days are now over.
The question that begs an answer is why? There are many reasons my friends, but there is one in particular that I have noticed in the past years that has gained my attention and curiosity very much. It is this that I want to touch on in this writing.
We have become self-indulgent, spoiled, fattened on the pleasures that we have been given from God's own hand. We are in fact so full of things and self-indulgent that we have no room for God anymore. There is no room for him in our lives , just as there was no room for Jesus in the Inn 2000 years ago.

God bless America

We ask God to bless America, yet we have thrown him and his words out and will not acknowledge him in our courtrooms. When our halls of JUSTICE will not recognize the supreme authority of the God of the BIBLE, When that justice system decides that a monument that bestows the 10 commandments will be taken away from being in a court building, are we for real when we make our request,


In actuality, this sounds like a joke to me.

Here's why:

2 Chronicles 7;14

God says in this passage that "IF my people who are called by my name shall HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, seek MY face, TURN from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from HEAVEN, forgive their sin, and heal their land". We blatantly disregard his command to us and yet we ask him to bless this nation?

We can see that there are 4 things that we are commanded to do by this scripture that would insure God's healing of our land.....1. HUMBLE ourselves


3. SEEK HIS "God's" face

3. TURN from our wicked ways.

Now we have serious problems with humbleness here in America, pride reigns supreme from what I can tell. Sure we have humble people, but the majority is otherwise. Then we have the PRAY part. Many of us pray, but do we pray to GET SOMETHING from God or do we pray out of a sincere and selfless heart? That's the question... Then we can go on to the part where we SEEK God's face.. We in America are very good at seeking things, the tragic part is that it is rarely GOD'S face that we seek, no we are much too busy with doing other things and taking care of our needs to spend time on this command.....Then we go on and must TURN from our wicked ways.. What about turning from our sin? Are we in America willing to humble ourselves, pray , seek God's face, AND turn from our wicked ways so that God will heal this nation (land)??

See, it is very easy to say "God Bless America" without really thinking about what we are asking God for.

God is asking from us these 4 above things, will we do them? Will you do them?

Now back to current events in America..The higher courts rule to take down the monument displaying the 10 commandments, yet a little while later,it is ok to perform gay marriages on the court house steps?

What is wrong with this country? Where is the outrage? Where are the voices of Christians in all of this?

Why do you suppose we have such a desire for the finer things of this life, yet could care less about our relationship with God, our creator? Because we are doing everything BUT seeking his face and living out a truly humble existence. Yes, we have become fattened with the things of THIS life and scarcely do we even consider the next life.. our eternal life.

Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also

Greed has overcome and taken so many in it's fiery grasp that seldom can you find anyone to come to your aid unless there is something in it for them.

Seldom can you find someone who will give of their time to you because to them,their time is money. There are few who would take the time to smile at you while walking past you on a sidewalk... Why? Other things of importance are on their minds.

Where are our minds at?

Our minds are on our jobs, paychecks, families, fun, sports, shopping, Internet, looking good, smelling good, beer drinking, Television, need I say more?

Where are our spirits at?

Our sprits are pressed down so far and covered up so thoroughly by our fleshly desires that we cannot hear from God. We are told in God's Word that we are to bring our bodies under subjection to the Spirit, yet we allow our bodies and minds to choke out our spiritual man. Our very spiritual direction given to us from God, our creator is non-existent.


We crowd out our Lord because we have no room for him in our hectic lives, when it should be the other way around.

If our lives are filled with good things and our schedules are overbooked, we should rather blot out some or most of those good things that require our time, recognize them for what they truly are- VAIN and USELESS and insert more time to be with and to learn of our lord, our creator, Jesus Christ.

It is HE who made us, it is HE who holds our lives in the palms of his hands and yet HE is sacrificed in our busy hectic lives.

But we have not yet made the time for him have we? We may mean well and say to ourselves that we WILL make time for HIM- but do we ever get around to the doing of it? Or are these simply empty promises we make?

As the days grow darker, the sin gets deeper, yet we walk on....

we walk on in the steps that we've made for ourselves to walk in, yet

it is not in man that walks to direct his own steps. We are told this

in Jeremiah and it is still relevant today.

The truth is, if we direct our steps, we will slip and fall.

The reason being that we are not only flesh and blood, but we are

spirit. And that spirit we were given from God. The reason that we

fail at most of the things we set out to do is because we do not

acknowledge nor do we inquire of the one who made us. We do not inquire

what direction HE wants us to go in our lives. We are only interested

in getting through the day we are presently in.

We don't take the time to reckon about tomorrow. We are too busy living in the here and now to think on anyone or anything else. Much less what God requires of us.
How sad to live a life, yet not really to have LIVED it.

How sad to walk a path everyday, yet not really to have WALKED it.

How sad to turn our backs and not our faces to the God who loves us.

It is sadness, indeed more sorrowful than we will ever know.

We must repent for the sin we've allowed into our lives. We must admit our sin against God and man and change the present course of our lives and the only way to do this is by having God to direct our steps, follow his word and will for our lives.

God loves us and God surely will forgive us for our sins, but being headstrong and stubborn will get us no place fast.

God knows how to get our attention if we continue to neglect him while living this life he's given us. He truly wants us to take steps in order to share a relationship with him. And the most major step is that of taking time with him and learning of his ways, and not being consumed with our own.

If you love someone, anyone, you will WANT to be around them.

It is the same with God and us. So ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I spend time with God?

2.Why don't I spend time with God?

3.How long do I intend on turning away from God?

If you are too busy to answer these questions, chances are, you will be too busy in the future to make any changes-real changes in your life that would be productive and lead you into real truth, God's truth.