June 6, 2007

The Neglected Children of Drug Addicted Parents

I can think of nothing worse than to be raised by drug addicted parents. The children who live this hellish existence find that they are always at the mercy of their addicted parent's whims. We all know that you cannot reason with or live around a drug addict without it messing you up in your mind, body and spirit. We as adults can get away from this situation. But the children who are under the care of these addicts have no way of escape.
There are many detrimental effects of living in a home with a drug addicted parent:

  1. Severe Neglect: The children often are not fed, cleaned, or watched properly. The addict cares more about what they need than what their kids need. This will be how it is until the children are taken out of the home or the addicted parent gets clean. I am not talking about a simple matter of lack of choice of foods available to the children. I am talking about NO food for the children. Many addicted parents will take their support check and use it for drugs while leaving their children without basic food, clothing, and adequate essential needs for existence.
  2. The Parents Who are Never There: Most addicted parents will leave their children with other people while they are out having a high old time. They cannot be bothered with being responsible for caring for their kids because they are totally irresponsible. So they will run off and leave their children alone or with younger siblings and this is when accidents and abuse happens as well as other situations that will scar these kids for life.
  3. Physical and Mental Abuse: Drug addicts are notorious for abusing others. And the child who is stuck in a home with an addict for a parent will no doubt suffer much physical and mental abuse at their hands. An addict is prone to taking out their frustrations on others around them and the child stuck in a home with these people as parents are always the ones who are subjected to the most extreme forms of abuse.
These precious kids will suffer LACK on all levels. They will lack nurturing, adequate food and shelter and most of all, love. An addict does not love himself or he wouldn't do the things he does. He only keeps one thing as the centerpiece of his life - his drug of choice.

If you know of a child who is perhaps in danger due to living with a drug addicted parent, contact your authorities.

To report abuse, you can always call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD.

If the abuse is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

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Anonymous said...

This is so very true. I have known people like that and also know young adults who have unfortunately been born and raised with drug addicted parents and grandparents. It's really sad when not only the parents are addicts, but the grandparents are too. My son is an addict and alcoholic and so is his girlfriend and her mother. My grandson is only 4 and a half. Before my son moved in with them, my grandson was taken away from his mother and grandmother for neglect. Even though social services knew they were still partying, they put my grandson back into that home with his mother and grandmother. What's wrong with this picture? I told social services that I could provide him with a drug and alcohol free, stable, Christian home. And what do they do? Put him right back into that "Hell Home." I don't understand why the system is so corrupt.