January 26, 2003

The War abroad and the War at home

January 26, 2003
Our troops and possibly some or many National guard units (Who we routinely rely on to stay here on our soil to protect and serve us in war time) are being sent off to the Gulf. This is disturbing. Now it would not disturb me if it were more clear to me what we are supposedly going to be fighting for.
Yes, I am aware of what we've been told by our Government as well as the media, democrats, republicans, partisan, by-partisan, the list could go and on. But the one million dollar question is only this:

Does Iraq have weapons of mass destruction that they are going to use on us Americans? What immediate threat do they pose to us?

Are we to believe what our President tells us, the U.N Inspectors or both?

We cannot believe both, because they are not in agreement on this in the first place.

We are to WAIT according to the UN. Wait that is until the inspectors can have more time. But our President seems as though waiting is not an option.

The Oil Question

I have heard references to oil as many of you surely have. On MSNBC or another national cable news network, I listened to a comment made that referred to the "substantial oil revenues we would have to regulate" once we had removed Hussein from power, etc. Not a direct quote here folks, but I'm sure you get my meaning about oil revenues.

I do not want our men and women leaving us and risking their lives if oil is in ANY way the reason our Government is seeking to change this Regime. They are desiring to change Iraq's regime, however, who are we to choose WHO is in power in a foreign country? Especially at the cost of untold thousands of lives of our own Americans. If we knew the answers to the questions, I could feel differently, but right now, it seems that our Government wants to only change their regime and control their OIL, And that is just not acceptable to me.

The Question of Osama

I am open minded. I agree Hussein is not ok and has caused atrocities to happen to his own people, but ask yourself this: What happened to Osama B. Ladin? Hussein did NOT cause the terror attacks of 9/11/01 nor did he have any hand in it. At least we have not been told that. With the exception of being told on news networks that perhaps Iraq is harboring al-quaeda members. And if we want proof of that? Just forget it.

Yet Osama Bin Ladin is spoken of VERY rarely by our Government and media anymore. Isn't this strange? Why isn't our Govt going after him with all their might just as President Bush vowed to do in the days following the tragedy.

This makes absolutely no sense at all, to put on hold the OBL matter, but our President does not wish to speak of Osama B Ladin, nor does the majority of our media. Does nobody care?

And what about the families left behind, the family and friends of those who lost loved ones? How must they feel when all they are bombarded with day after day in the news is the war with Iraq?

Something is not right here. Bush wants Regime change, but I say that we Must get our hands on OBL and his co-horts and utilize all of our military might for this!

The Axis Made Them Forget

IMHO, The "Axis of Evil" took much of the focus off of 9/11 and Bin Ladin. This was a Switch-O-Change-O. The question is why.

I could go on about this, tell you more of my personal insights and guestimate on it all day long, but I will not, moving right along.

The War At Home

I want to speak of the problems here at home. Record unemployment is high and growing every day. Wall Street is NOT doing well and I can only imagine what it's like for those who are out of work. The formerly financially fit are now relying on visits to soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

In my own opinion, I believe our chief focus should not only be on catching Osama B Ladin, but on helping our own who have been devastated because of this current economic catastrophe! The sympathizers for this tragedy are desperately needed.

We have our eyes closed tightly- (some do and others do not), but that does NOT make it go away. It really does no good for those who are out of work, out of food and the desperate in America trapped in this stale economic state.

Please pray for those who are trapped in financial difficulties and don't know what to do. Pray as well for those who are in fear for what may be coming upon this country as well as other countries around the globe.

I have to tell you that I do not feel positive about this impending face-off with Hussein. I do not feel like it will be "quick" as we have heard it so often put to us by our news media. In the past I would agree. But not anymore. The reason? We have gotten too sure and too full of ourselves. That is the epitome of pride, and pride comes before a fall. I only pray that it does not happen. America has done many good things for other countries. But doing "good" is not about touting that goodness, rather it is about doing it in such a way that God is pleased with our good toward others. We do not do good expecting that we will get paid back for that good. And remember the Bible passage in which a foolish nation is described? "It will not come nigh us" : and : "We will never taste of sorrow"

For all of you

Don't you lose hope. God is still our source.

A personal perspective on me and financial difficulties in the past:

One time my own husband lost his job ( I was NOT working) we solely relied on his income coming in. This happened within a week of him receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord! I had already been saved early on in my life. What a test for him right out of the starting gate :)

He was in his mid twenties, I, in my early twenties, we had two small children.

God was who we turned to, my husband did his best to look for a job very quickly and God did the rest.

In less than 4 days he had a job and God gave us resources to get a home- not a fancy home, but God never promised us such either.

But that was in the early 90's. Things were somewhat different then and there were more jobs than now just in my personal opinion. But God changes not. There is no way he changes. The economy may change, WE will go through good times and bad, but he remains the same throughout eternity. What a comforting thought.

I know if my husband had not found a job, God would have done whatever it took for us to receive food, shelter and clothes on our back. We may not have really loved the conditions we would have to live under, but nonetheless, we would have been taken care of. Food, Shelter and Clothing, Those are the necessities according to the Word.

I do so pray that our President will re-think his decision to go to war with Iraq.

I personally feel as though we will go, or if we do not, something else will happen with Korea. Only God knows these things for sure.

May we all pray for the President as well as those whom he looks to for council.