June 16, 2006

Short on time? Review your priority list of life

We're all too busy. We are long on responsibilities and short on time. The fact is, most of us have allowed too many items to be included in our priority list of life.

When this truth dawns on us, we often ride the fence and are reluctant to make changes because we don't want to let any of these items fall by the wayside.

When we find that we have no time to relax and take a breather from our hectic daily schedules - that should be a wake up call that propels us on to make those needed changes.

Why don't we?

Because routines, things and filling our lives with them are too important we feel, to let them go.

We want that new car, so we must work like a slave to pay for it.

Our children must be in BOTH football and basketball, no matter how thinly our children or we are stretched.

We want that new home, so we must permanently shackle ourselves to a 30 year contract in order to get it.

We never realize at the time that along with that contract goes not only our money, but our time, sweat, and our vitality.

I would rather live in a modest home and free up time with my family instead of living in a mansion with them and hardly ever see them.

What this all boils down to is priorities.

Some people spend most of their lives overworking themselves in order to have the finer things that life offers.

There are ramifications to this.

Review your priority list of life. Be honest with yourself and see if all the time and effort you are putting into these items is justified.

I can tell you that there are many things in life that we feel we must have or struggle to attain, yet none of them are absolutely necessary.

In the end, they usually swallow up most of our valuable time and prove to be our biggest regrets.

Don't neglect those things which are most important in favor of those things which are least necessary.

Regret is something you cannot take back. It is something you must live with because you can never go back in time and undo what has already been done.

Take an honest inventory of your priority list of life and make changes in your list. You will not regret it!

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