June 2, 2006

Character Assassination: Narcissism

People with personality disorders do much damage and inflict much pain the lives of those who love them. To be human one must have humanity in mind.

We are instructed to love our brothers as ourselves.

If one does not love his brother as himself but instead treats his brother "inhumanly", this tells us a lot about that person. The first thing it tells me is that the person who does this does NOT love himself.

There is a personality or character flaw in such a person. For those who suffer such character flaws, the problems they have with others are in truth problems they have within themselves.

Why then do they project and blame others instead of facing the darkness within?

They hide, just as Adam and Eve hid from God, the one who shed light and truth. They scurry around in their own private darkness, fearing and dreading the light - The truth about themselves.

These people firmly believe they have truth, yet they are grasping onto a lie.

I personally believe that these tortured souls are not saved, because in order for one to be saved by the grace and power of Christ, they must realize and acknowledge their sins.

It is only when the darkness within a person yields way to the light of truth that one gains salvation.

All about self

Narcissists are overtaken with self. Everything is about them. When they see a person standing in front of them, they don't see that person, they see what amounts to a "tool" that is of possible use to them.

The sociopath and the narcissist are similar in many ways.

In very few words, it is all about them.

Ever waited in line at a grocery store? Take a narcissist with you and watch what happens. They don't like to wait their turn. They feel that they should be allowed to be first in line.

They don't necessarily know why they should be afforded this special privilege, they just want to be first and if they don't get their way, you will hear them moan and groan about it. They may throw a fit or embarrass you.

If you have to talk to someone about an issue that is troubling you and you need a shoulder to lean on, an understanding ear to hear you out, do not go to the narcissist.

Their pat answer to those who seek help or a listening ear is, "You'll get over it"!

Ruthless at times

If you have been wronged by way of abuse, slander, or the general bullying of these character assassinators, gain some small solace in the fact that they project their own insecurities and darkness onto you because of the reasons just described.

People that I've written about can be ruthless, criminal and master manipulators. They are slowly killing their conscience off bit by agonizing bit and why?

They refuse to see the truth about themselves. They refuse to judge themselves, as all in this world were instructed to do:

1 Corinthians 11:31

For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.


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