May 26, 2007

For Every Addict, The Hammer Will Drop

An addict will go on abusing drugs until some tragic event in their destructive life forces them to stop. I have had experience with addicts and I would say that for 90 % of them, it takes some really BAD times for them to stop. Most of them are incarcerated and some of them suffer severe health problems which stops them in their tracks. This is best for the addict because most of them won't come to the end of themselves and stop using unless the hammer drops (right on top of their heads).

This is because drug addicts are notorious for pushing the envelope. They have no control over themselves or their erratic lives. Many addicts will find themselves looking at a very long prison sentence because for years they have seemed to escape the consequences that all of the rest of us have had to pay.

But rest assured, someday the piper will have to be paid. That long awaited past due bill will have to be paid. The addict will end up having to pay the painful price of giving drugs his heart and soul.

But when the addict finally has to suffer these consequences, there is newfound hope for him. He is now forced to think about his life and how he has lived it.
He sees how empty his life has become and is now able to reflect on how many times he has hurt those who love him.

He is alone, frightened, without his comforter (his drug of choice) and it is in this time that he will turn to God IF he doesn't continue on in his stubbornness. God is waiting, he has always been waiting for this person to turn to him so that he could know what living a life truly can be. A real life is one in which you love others and love God, your creator. It is one in which you are not concerned about self, but concerned for the feelings and well-being of others. These things are foreign to those who are still abusing drugs. But the hope is there when the addict comes to the long end of himself.


Jonathan said...

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cicowner said...

Thanks Jonathon for the link. I have added it to my link list on the sidebar.

Looking to Quit said...

I battled cocaine addiction for 3 years and now have been sober for 6 months through strength and spirit.
I thought this site could be useful. Has an addiction education center as well as a community.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the hammer to drop on my husband. He can't seem to learn from his mistakes. I am not enabling him any longer so he's mad at me and on to others while he makes up lies against me to get sympathy from others he seeks to use.

cicowner said...

Isn't it the truth anon..I thought that the hammer would drop for various friends and family members by now but it seems just when some tragic event due to their drug use comes upon them they somehow evade it and keep on rolling :( Of course, i know that it is only a matter of time and they cannot continue this way forever. The only question is how many innocent others in their lives will they hurt before that day comes.....