May 12, 2007

The Call Has Went Out: Buy no Gas on May 15th

I'm unsure of how much of this pain we are supposed to take. Gas prices went up again yesterday in my neck of the woods.
I want to tell you about an interesting discussion I had at my local Wal-mart recently. A worker in the garden department caught an attendant at a nearby gas station upping the prices once again. She commented to me that she didn't know what she and the rest of us were going to do about these surging gas prices. She told me how hard it had become to make it to work with current gas prices eating away at her finances. While she was telling me this, a man walked up to us. I guess he had overheard our discussion. He told us the only thing that we can do about the gas gouge is to ban together. He said that there is a nationwide call going out for everyone. The call is for everyone to buy NO gas on May 15th.
I've decided to let everyone I know be tuned into this and they've agreed that they would join me and the rest of the citizens of the United States in saying no to big business and to the money hungry oil and gas producers and whoever else is responsible for gouging us until we cannot see straight. I am angry and I don't mind saying it. Our media should do more to look into this nightmare.

So once again, I urge you all to buy no gas on May 15th. The thinking is that this will cost those robbers a few billion dollars if we just stick it to them one day!

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