October 17, 2006

When Children Rule Parents

Is it easier to give into your child's demands and give them their way instead of standing your ground and providing good discipline? It is indeed easier, but it is not right and God is not behind it.

Loving your children and providing discipline for them go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Those who say they love their child, yet do not discipline them are doing them harm in the worst way imaginable. How can you have no boundaries for your child if you love them and wish to raise them up in the ways of the Lord? If you wish your child to respect others and treat them with care, you will institute boundaries for your children and keep them in place.

The Last Days

In the last days, we are told in the bible that the children will be disobedient to their parents. This is one of the signs that we will see increasing as the days grow closer toward the return of the Lord Jesus.

Many parents have become spineless and weak. They would rather watch television or stay on the computer than take interest in their child. Parenting is work. It is not a party. The majority of children who rule their parents started out knowing that their parents were not available for them. They knew that the parents required little of them, they recognized that the parent for the most part just wanted to be left alone.

So these kids eventually found other interests. Some of those things will turn out to be bad things. Some of them will involve drug addiction, skipping school and other situations that prove to end up in a disastrous outcome for both the child and the parent.

By the time the child acts up to the point where the law is involved or the school calls the parents to notify them of something the child has done, the parent then acts shocked!
Why would this shock them? They haven’t been there for their child at all and it isn’t a wonder that it has finally come to this.

It is in the child or teens very nature to want to have their way.

Weak parents who cannot say no to their children are easy prey and are in for a life of weariness and woe.

Does God give us everything we want? No. Neither should we as parents give to our children their every desire. Do you know what it does to our kids when we give them everything they want? It spoils them rotten and breeds in them a feeling of entitlement that they will have the rest of their lives. They will carry this entitlement with them and cause many people they meet through the course of their lives much grief and woe.

Keep this in mind when you are tempted to give into the whims of your children and supply them with everything they dream of. You possibly could be creating a monster in doing so.

We have spoiled children who lead parents in any direction they choose. The parents are to be leading the children, yet nowadays we see less and less of this. Pushover parents will put themselves in debt in order to give their children what they want. Why on earth they do these things is beyond me. Maybe those parents were given everything they wanted when they were children as well.

The Gifts of Love and Discipline

The best gift you could ever give your child is what costs nothing monetarily, it is love. But keep in mind that love is not only a word. It is an action. It is praise for their accomplishments and discipline for their wrongdoing. Love and discipline go hand in hand. You cannot leave out one of them and cling to the other. That would be seriously unbalanced and detrimental your child.

Chaos in the family

Sometimes the child will say what their parent wants to hear and leave out the facts. In order to keep his backside out of a sling, he will embellish incidences and gloss over important truths. It takes a parent with discernment and patience to separate truth from untruths.

Remember when you were a teenager? Did you want your way most of the time? Sure you did, we all did. Did you get it? If you did, you are likely a spoiled adult now. If you didn’t get everything you wanted as a child, you are most likely a stable and contented adult. These issues are really simple to understand.

Kids may attempt to pit one parent against the other. If the child views one parent as a pushover and easy to manipulate, look out! There will be no good outcome for the parent or the child in such a situation.

None of us are perfect parents. There are going to be certain issues or situations we neglect as well as those we may overdo and take to the extreme.

What I am trying to get across is that love and discipline and consistency with both will do much good for your child. When we stand before God which all of us will eventually do, we can do so with a clear conscience if we have done this much for our children in this life.

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