October 20, 2006

The Nation Whose God is the Lord

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.

We are told all through the bible that the nation which keeps the Lord as their God is blessed. We can then say that the nation who does not keep the Lord as their God will live under a curse and will not be blessed. In America there has always been much talk of “freedom”, but the fact is that in America, more and more of us are becoming slaves to sin.

As I have stated before in my writings, I believe that judgment is at the door of America. Why would this happen? Let’s review:

What rules and runs America?

Who or what can we say holds sway over America? Money

Money is America’s Lord at present.

We see this at every turn. In the media we are reminded of it every day. There are many Americans who have still not bowed the knee to the love of money, however, a great majority have. The corporations are only concerned with one primary issue, that of profit. At one time in our past, those who made decisions in big business were just as concerned with the people who worked for them. Not anymore. Now they will lay off people so they can make the portfolio of their shareholders look more profitable. The bottom line is profit at all cost. And the ones who suffer are the American workers.

The love of money is still the root of all evil.

With money, we feel as though we can do all things. If we are sad, going shopping is often the remedy. If our neighbors have something we envy, we feel we must have what they have. If we have a chance to take a high paying job, yet we know that staying home with our children is the right and noble thing to do, many of us choose that great career instead. Life is made up of choices and sadly, there have been seriously bad choices made by many in our current culture as a result of simple selfishness.

What happens to Nations whose God is not the Lord?

They fall and are taken captive. That nation may get what they want for a time. But there will be a day of reckoning. The Lord God is the one who made this earth. He also made the men and women who inhabit it. When mankind cares more about the money in his wallet than he does the God who created him, that day of reckoning will come quickly and strike suddenly. As that Nation’s sin intensifies, their discernment grows weaker and weaker. The discernment of the people fades gradually until there is none left. They turn dumb and deaf. They cannot see spiritually and cannot discern between truth and lies. This is a sad picture, but one I must get across to everyone nonetheless.

Is God Angry at America?

Yes, I believe that he is. Here are a few reasons why he may be:

The American Christian Church – I have written for years about the charlatans who make up a large number of our Christian leaders and teachers in the United States. To read more on this issue click here and here .These people are making a profit and living the high life. They talk about feeding the hungry and caring for the poor and yet they have five expensive cars parked in their garages that are the size of most of our homes! They put out pleas on their websites and in writing for the money to buy a state of the art airplane for their ministry. They cannot fly in an ordinary plane I suppose. Where do these desires for the best in life come from? They don’t come from Jesus Christ. They are carnal desires that these preachers are controlled by. We are pressed to flip on our televisions and find a simple preaching of the gospel. Instead, we are bombarded with prosperity teachers who tell us that Jesus was rich and we can be too. The early Christians suffered lack and hardship. We are told about this in the book of Hebrews. They lived in caves for crying out loud! Yet none of these particular truths are brought up in the prosperity pushers sermons.

The greed and selfishness of many – We have parents who are not parents to their children at all. These parents are so lost they behave like children themselves. We have politicians who do not keep their word on key issues that got them elected. They use words to gain control of an office and then do nothing they promised. We have a majority of citizens whose key thought is how they can get and stay ahead. They are looking out for number one, and this means themselves, period. You cannot worship God and money. Jesus told us this when he was on this earth and the same still holds true for these days we live in. Do you worship your comfort and your fat wallet? Or do you worship God in heaven more than money? If your God is money, God is angry with you. Make no mistake.

We have forgotten God and we refuse to repent of our sins – We are told over and over in the scriptures that we are to REPENT of our sins. God is angry for one thing because we REFUSE to do this. We simply are bullheaded and will not do it! We are told the consequences in the scripture if we fail to heed his admonishment: Chastisement comes to us from God and is beneficial to those of us who learn from it and repent. But to those who refuse to learn of it, they will remain stubborn and remain in their sins. There is much more woe ahead for these people. They care more for themselves and their stubborn pride will cost them so much more than they ever bargained for. When you refuse to choose God as your Lord, you are choosing self and the devil. Satan is all about self and those who are his care more about themselves than anything else.

All nations that forget God will be turned into hell

Psalms 9:17

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

If we forget God, we cease to exist for long. We may go about our lives and do alright for a time. But the one who made us longs for us to acknowledge him. He has kept his hand of divine protection over these United States for a long time. I believe we have stopped being thankful for that protection he has provided to us.

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