August 22, 2006

Don't get entangled in the ropes of revenge

Taking revenge on someone who has hurt us will satisfy our flesh but it is never productive. While the flesh is satisfied with "getting even" with another, our spirits suffer. Have you heard the bible passage, "Answer not a fool in his folly"? Take that truth and apply it with revenge as well. Take not revenge upon a foolish man in response to his evil actions.
Pay back not evil for evil. Why? Because you are not like that one who has harmed or offended you. So if you do take revenge on that one who has harmed you, basically you're doing what he has done - you are acting as he does.

I choose rather to please God and not pay back evil for evil.
Having said that, there are certain circumstances in which you must take action against another - Legally.
But we should know where that line is that other's may cross in which we must take action to protect ourselves from dangerous people. The law was made for the lawless. If you have to deal with a dangerous person, please utilize law enforcement, that is what they are there for.

There are many kinds of people in the world, Those who maliciously slander and harm others do these things because they care not for God nor man and woman that he created.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay

It is because I know God and trust him that I don't fret over those who have persecuted me. The schemes and plots of those who hate us are seen by him who sees all and is omniscient .

Why fear and fret over these people since God has your back? Friends, believe me, there is no reason to. Go to the Lord about those who torment and harm you. He knows already what they've done and what their plans are against you, but the main sign of a relationship is communication. This is why you are to tell father God your feelings and thoughts. This is prayer in it's purest form.

Other reasons why revenge is not the way to go:

Revenge will breed strife instead of ending it.

The bible instructs us to live our lives in quietness, not in backbiting, gossiping and in strife sowing.

Many time, those who persecute us are hoping we will react to their evil actions towards us-why give them the satisfaction?

Peace will never be gained by getting even.

The act of revenge sheds light on a "pride" problem, however large or small it may be.

Oneupmanship never births peace and quiet and humbleness, only strife and contention.

Don't get entangled in the ropes of revenge

Choose not to get entangled or caught up in some game of revenge.
I've known people whose lives were so empty that they've dedicated them to revenge and sowing strife at random.

With people like this, your only real choice is to have no contact with them.
Pray for them, but keep your distance.

Why are people like this?

Some of these people may have been members of a dysfunctional family.
They may not yet know how to treat others.
They are angry and resentful and only know how to hurt others.
They don't have God's love abiding with them because they've rejected it for whatever reason.

But here's the bottom line
You are not to behave as they do. You are not to lower yourself to their level and bring yourself to their playing field. You are not to play the games they do - games of revenge.


Anonymous said...

I discoverd yesterday my mother was a narrsisst after looking into mental behaviour. I messaged her & told her I will no longer accept her abusive behaviour and that I must separate myself permanatley (this was recommended because there is no cure) something bothers me in the Bible lunatic is procession so I type in narsissist/ denomic procession and yr blog came up. In the back of my mind I know God dosent give us the spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. (not hatred & lunatic) When I became a Christian (1yr ago) my mothers hatred elevated her abuse got worse she often disputes the Bible 1 example would be when she said Jesus Christ came only in the spirit I rebuked her she didnt want to hear what I had to say but a couple of weeks later I confronted her first she denied it when I stood firm then she admitted she said it but was testing my Faith to see what I said( it didnt feel right ) so I said why would you lie then I began reading from John that anyone who says such things is an antichrist she got angry and upset and spoke over the top of me as she does (its not me she ignores but the word of God) This is ongoing the other day she told me Jesus went to hell to collect all the people that were in hell I said dont be rediculous he went to pay the price for sin. She was adamant this was her opinion instead of admitting it was another lie made up by her (in which she has become compulsive). I speak the truth for its the word of God she says she believes but is an unbeliever. The reason I cut contact is because she lied and told my brother I said she was going to hell which I never said when my brother told me this I broke down in tears for I hadnt gotten over the horrible things she said to me the day before saying things such as I was the exact opposite of Jesus ect its very hurtful. It was the final straw God is calling me to come to him I choose him first and want to follow him. I forgive my mother I love her but am worried should I be around her my love will dissolve like aspirin. I want to help her am I able to step out in Faith in the name of Jesus and ask the holy spirit to save her without her believing. Im only a new babe in Christ and worry for my mother as a narrsisst she has an addictive behaviour and is also dependant on marijuana and prescription medication ( if she was freed from procession wouldn't she reinvite them back in with these actions). I've never left a blog message but Im desperate please help me. Godbless ps she refuses to admitt her problem as confirmed in a voice mail message I received today and puts this action of her doings on me as if I done them (being abusive) and claims to be victimized.

Anonymous said...

Dear cic Im happy that someone understands but sad I am helpless to help her many prayers are going her way. Is thier any other way I can help her besides prayer I feel guilty to distant myself from her but feel it is the right thing to do. She says I have betrayed the catholic Faith and that Im now in a cult being Christian ( I know this is untrue ) I have written an eight page letter why I left the Catholic Faith and how Im out of bondage and now free in Christ all by believing in Christ alone, in hope this May save her too. ( all family would follow suit also) should I post this letter too her as my last hope. The reason I say this is because she is controlling other siblings except one who dosent depend on her, she is raising a niece and nephew of mine & I want them also to know God. By keeping my distance from my mother I have lost ALL family for they would dare not to question her this intern means ill never have the opportunity to give them the good news. I have asked if I could have my nice and nephew one day a fortnight and will know today if I can or not if she says no I will accept this as a final answer even if it breaks my heart for she will only use them as pawns and I won't have these little human beings used that way their not processions. God is saying speak my words but he is also saying come to me child come to ye father. How can I speak them when ones hears does not hear so that's why I wrote them is this a good idea or a bad idea please I beseech you what do I do? Thankyou Cic Godbless

Cic owner said...

Hello anon, I must first say that I am so very thankful to our lord and savior Jesus Christ for your understanding that to be born again and live according to the bible is not "cultish" but the only true way. Praise God that you found it! I am do gladfor you coming out from the C Church. I have a narcissist relative who is catholic so I indeed understand how it is to have to deal with all that entails :(
Using other family members as pawns and playing "keep away" with them describes the nanarcissi to a T!! Your mother and all narcissist in general have no boundaries with their kids..they want their desires to be yours, cannot accept you as the person god made you. They really believe they "own" their children.... Even adult children.
About the 8 page letter... In your particular situation, I would personally show it to mom. We both know however that narcissists
rarely relate to the truth. So with that in mind, you
Could show it to her (and or your extended family) and let the chips fall where they may. Believe me, I know what it's like to be cut off contact with narcissistic family members .
Our father god and our savior Jesus Christ will often call us away from stressfull family relationships such as this one.. With prayer and love but at a distance, you will find that the lack of anxiety is such a welcome blessing. The continued drama these people live in is beyond me. In my thinking, your mom will either accept the path you have chosen for your life or she wont. But at least you have done ALL you can. Please write again to update me. Remember, put this in Gods hands after you decide what you will do.
. Love, prayers, hugs from my heart to yours

Cic owner said...

Almost forgot, all narcissists when they can't get you to tow the line and do what they want will resort to distortion campaigns. Be prepared for this dear but know that I lived all this and more for many years and God blessed and kept me just as he will you.

Anonymous said...

Cic I Thank you for yr understanding words and that God lead me to your blog I will send the lengthy letter of truth for Gods word is truth in hope it may be read (cc it). You have experienced this tribulation so that you May bring comforting hope to others I just being one of them May God flood you endlessly with blessings. I will keep you posted until then take care with love God bless you muchly