July 1, 2007

If Envy Could Speak

If envy could speak, it would say, "there is something you have that I want". Who would envy speak to? It could be your neighbor, a stranger, or even your best friend.
  • When we are not content with what we possess, we will be envious of others and what they do possess. I've never put a lot of stock in possessions, but there are many people who do. We are quick to take note of our brother or sister's life and sometimes conclude that we've been given a raw deal when comparisons are made.
Why did Joseph's brothers fake his death and sell him as a slave? They envied him. They all knew that he was Jacob's favored child. The dream Joseph had which depicted his brothers all bowing to him only made matters worse and more tense between Joseph and his brothers. There is an awesome simplicity in this bible story. Joseph's brothers believed they had been handed a raw deal and baby brother Joseph was a young, spoiled kid who had everything handed to him by their father.

But Joseph was God's chosen, and he did in fact love his brothers, whether they recognized it or not. One thing about envy - it blinds us to such an extent that we won't really see the love people have for us. Everything else is blocked out when the green-eyed monster is set loose in one's life.

I have been envied and yes, I knew it at the time. What I wanted was to be able to sit with that person and say, "Look, I love you, and all that I have is yours. You don't have to be envious of me and angry at me for anything. If you want or need anything I have, just ask for it and it's yours.

But envious people are never reasonable. they would rather sit in a corner and sulk about what they lack and what you have! They then stew on the matter and the end result is often hatred toward those people they envy. People waste precious time being consumed with envy. If you are honest with yourself, you know whether envy is a destructive force in your life. If so, pray this prayer with me and let's cut envy out of your life altogether!

Dear God, I have allowed envy to take me for a ride. Envying people causes me to resent them and I don't want this anymore. I know that me not being contented with what things I do have is the root of envy. So I ask you then In Jesus's name to take charge of every aspect of my life, especially with respect to envy and it's grip that I've been under.


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