November 3, 2006

Politics as Usual and Election Day Overload

The irritating and non-stop candidate commercials I have endured for weeks are going to be over in a few short days. That is a good thing because my current unpleasantness has grown over the past three. Every time I am watching a program that interests me, I know that approaching commercial time will be filled with endless mud slinging and grand claims that those in the political arena are well known for. We are hearing a myriad of claims by those who want to get elected. But how many of those grand claims will come to fruition once these candidates get into office?

The bragging and mud slinging is at an all time high right now. I have to confess that I often laugh at the silliness of some of these commercials, many of them are very comical. I wonder who makes these things up. They remind me of being at a circus in which all of the clowns are being marched before us and we are being pressed upon to pick our favorite.

Such is the way of the world we live in that consists of men who make our rules and laws. These politicians make decisions that affect all of our lives. Yet they are far removed from what our lives are really all about.

How many of these politicians have to choose between eating and buying medication?

How many of them search under couch cushions to scrape up enough change to buy a few gallons of gas? Not one of them.

How can we know the true views of those who make such grand claims? If they get elected into office, they have accomplished what they set out to do. In the days we live in, people will generally say anything it takes to get elected. There are no limitations and the gloves are off when it comes to all things political.

Many do not vote

Many have no faith left in the political candidates whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. It makes no difference what they “say” to you about what they stand for. What do they do? Those who have been in office and are seeking re-election you can pretty much figure out and pin down by their record, but what of those newcomers? In my opinion, the newcomers are a lot better than the ones we've had because we cannot tolerate more time out of those who have almost succeeded in sinking our ship.

Good ole boys

Many who are in office got there by pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public by claiming to be a “Good Ole Boy”, they know that the common man will relate to this proclamation and that is why making it will ensure them the votes. But know that most of these people are appealing to you with their great words absent of substance.

In my last article right before the Presidential election, I mentioned that I did not agree with either candidate. Many may not understand nor agree with me but I have to vote my conscience and when the candidates are for this unjust war we are waging in Iraq, I will not join myself with them. We have to take a stand for things we believe in. The problem today in America is that we go with the flow. We follow those who are lacking discernment and wisdom. Why don’t we open up our bibles and dig into the truths it offers us so that we can gain these things?

The Common Man

The political world is made up of patting each other on the back and lobbyists gone wild. In the world of politics, with the exception of a very few, we see it is essentially made up of profit, power and prestige. What do these three qualities have to do with the common man who is working like a slave in order to take care of his family?, nothing whatsoever. How many of you have great power in this earth? Not many. How many of you are making vast profits and walk around with a great name? Not many. See how the world of politics is so very distant from the world which most of us know?

Everyone seems to want something from us and the world of politics is no exception.

The warped and wacky world of voting machines

I don’t trust a machine to take my vote. If there is no paper trail, I don’t trust my vote to be counted fairly. How many times have you went to the store or pharmacy and been told that their computers are down? There have been too many to count. Now imagine that our most important event in America, that of voting, is being controlled by computers. This is the reality that we now face in America my friends. It is foolishness in the extreme. The machines can be controlled in whichever way those who program them desire. Don’t think for a moment this is not possible. There will be a special on HBO soon that will address this issue. Days before the election, state officials have learned that California's most widely used electronic voting machines feature a button in back that can allow someone to vote multiple times . The yellow button places the machine in “manual” mode. People could vote repeatedly and nobody would know. This is only one vulnerability among many others in the wacky world of electronic voting.

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