November 1, 2006

Our War in Iraq: Firestorm None Can Put Out

To get your own house in order should be the primary concern with every great nation that ever existed. America does not have their house in order by a long shot, yet they have went about in order to spread freedom and democracy in other nations. When I hear the phrase, Spreading democracy, I think to myself, “What kind of “freedom” did we bring to Iraq by way of torturing its citizens? By now most of us must realize that the only thing being spread very thick in Iraq is hatred.

We are told by those in charge in our Administration that some lives will be lost in the war on terror. However, the casualties of both our own military as well as the citizens in Iraq cannot be properly categorized as “some”. A majority of Iraqi citizens do not want us to be in their country. They continue to be very leery of our reasons for being there and who could blame them?

As I have said several times before in my writings, if another country invaded the United States and did to us what has been done to the citizens of Iraq, I would take up arms and fight with every fiber of my being against those invaders.

The War on Terror

Our being in Iraq has caused a firestorm of hate and killing that will not end until we leave. Those who decided to go in act oblivious to these things. What are the true reasons we went in and why are we still there? Some of these reasons I am sure we will never know. But I know that some have gotten wealthier than they were before we went in. Those corporations and oil producers will probably fair better and come out better in the end than anyone else. What sparked many people’s curiosity about all of these things is when we found out that there were plans sought by President Bush to go into Iraq eight months before 9/11 ever occurred.

What has happened since this invasion?

Our great military machine has been weakened in a major way. Don’t think for a moment that it hasn’t. We have not won this war in Iraq and we have suffered severe blows because we went in for the wrong reasons. This is not the fault of our military. As George Bush said recently, he takes full responsibility for what has went on. It makes me cringe when I think about what a staggering responsibility this truly is. Just think of all the blood that has been shed, the cries to God for vindication and help from the innocent. Yes, our President has a huge responsibility and he will have to answer for what his actions. Think about the many lives this war has claimed. It is staggering.

9/11 was Carte Blanche

The atrocities that were perpetrated on 9-11 seem to have given carte Blanche to those in our administration. What did we hear immediately after 9-11? Those who committed these atrocities would be found and brought to justice. The President promised us this when he spoke through the bullhorn at ground zero. Have those who perpetrated 9-11 been brought to justice? No, of course they haven’t. However, our military is being used to protect the oil fields in Iraq. Does this confuse you? It should my friends because it doesn’t make sense.

Our troops let the looters have their way when Baghdad was taken, yet the first order of business was protecting the oil ministry.

Have we learned anything about this war on terror yet?

We are told that we fight the terrorists over there so that we won’t have to fight them here. This is rubbish. We are going to have other attacks on our soil whether we have our troops in Iraq or not. You don’t invade a country which has not harmed you without suffering being doled out to you at a future date.

This is a warning I have given for some time. I believe that we in America will likely go through a war on our own soil because of what we have done in Iraq. Remember, you reap what you sow. Our own nation is in disorder, and we need to get our own house in order as such so who are we to go about nation building and nosing into other nation’s business?

As I have often said, this nation will be in such a mess come the next presidential election that I don’t believe we will recover from it. What is a new president going to do about this mess? I just don’t think it will happen. What has happened in the past six years can be equated to a raping and pillaging of our nation. Who are the rapists? They are a few radicals in our Administration, as well as those who tell them what to do.

I don’t claim to know why they have done what they have done to our country. But ask yourself this: Would someone who does such things to a nation love that nation? Of course the answer would be no. If you care for a nation, you don’t want to take steps that would weaken it in any way, let alone the depths that the United States has descended to.

We are in deep financial debt to other nations. There will come an accounting of that debt someday but we in America don’t like to think of such things. All I can say at this point is that we will only prolong the suffering of this nation if we choose to hide our head in the sand.

What can we do?
What I am doing is keeping my faith in the God of the bible. I am attempting to get out of debt. I owe bills and I am trying to get them paid off. I am learning to do without things I don’t have to have. I am not driving a fancy car or truck. I am trying to learn to be more self sufficient. I don’t see my government as my bail out. At one time I did not think on these things and now they are often on my mind and in my heart. Keep your faith in the God who is the creator of both the heaven and the earth. Pray for this nation as well as other nations. All people are important and have value in God’s eyes and we would do well to remember that truth.

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