March 2, 2010

Unemployed Benefits in Jeopardy: Thanks Senator Bunning!

Good morning friends. I have been watching C-Span again and have come across something that I felt I should comment on. 

It seems that Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky has been playing a game of keep-away with the nations unemployment benefits. Many of our unemployed Americans were due for their benefits to run out the last day of February 2010 and Bunning was not in favor of extending them, folks he was the sole objector! It seems sad and ridiculous that one person in the Senate can stop the extensions of benefits for millions but sadly this is the case. I hear that he cannot continue this for long though, he is just stalling the inevitable. But here's the real story here: Bunning's stall game  is the unemployed workers worse nightmare. Those workers as well as their employers both paid toward future need of drawing out those benefits so it is certainly not like they are unworthy to collect them. Surely Bunning feels he has nothing to lose by doing this to the American citizens as he is not up for re-election. Unemployment benefits are hardly ever equal to a regular pay check and are only enough to keep a family's head above water so why on earth would one man in the Senate object to doing the right thing? There is only one answer to this question and it is that Senator Bunning has a cold heart and cannot relate to the needs of average working Americans. Tell me what else it could be? I know all about Paygo, etc. But there was certainly enough money for an unjust war with Iraq wasn't there? There was certainly enough money when Bush and Bunning and the others were pushing tax cuts for the rich wasn't there? Sure there was.. and now that the common men and women of America are in need of unemployment extensions this scoundrel is going to object? Give me a break.

Bunning no doubt receives a salary upwards of 200,000. He is not worried about having health-care and surely does not worry about retirement. Contrast that with the average American worker who is laid off and has lost their health-care, hopes of retirement and a weekly paycheck!

Why do we have our Senate set up like this where one person can object to extending benefits? It is utterly obscene that one person can cause the pain and suffering for so many. Surely this morning those in the Senate will continue their wrangling and silliness but I don't think anything they do will end up in favor of extending the benefits for another week or so. One or two weeks of late unemployment checks can totally devastate a family. Mark my words, there will be long drawn out repercussions of Bunnings actions upon the laid-off citizens of our country. Now they are speaking about Medicare payments being in jeopardy because of their recent actions.

You can read more at the Huffington Post: Here are related articles and I find the comments from readers interesting to say the least.

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Anonymous said...

I am 56 years old, and have been unemployed for a year. I have tried everything to get a job. It is devastating when you can't even get a part time job. I have two daughters in college, and my son is getting married. I have no savings, and I am facing becoming homeless. I will be unable to pay my bills by April 1st., and no hope for getting a job. The little money I got from unemployment paid my rent. I go to a food pantry. Now i will be forced to put my things in storage, if I can come up with that money. I will be forced to stay with friends and family. This Senator is doing the devils work. I believe the evil he is putting out to the universe will come back into his life some day. What a heartless human being he is.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you. There are so many unemployed here it's unbelievable. I think that the unemployment rate is way above 10 %! I believe the poster fully that he's tried everything to get a job. There are NO JOBS out there people. What are we supposed to do? I have a family member who is trying to get his benefits and they are stalling him. Signed up and it's already been told him what he can draw out but not received his card yet. Call em and you get the computer! Cannot seem to get a human on the line. I will pray for you anonymous, it's a mess.