April 5, 2008

Letting Go: Never Painless but Always Beneficial

Letting go of past hurts is never easy, especially at the time they're done to us and immediately afterward. In some cases it takes years to let go depending on the pain or betrayal we've experienced. I have found out that after a good bit of time passes, I am better able to get over these hurts and get back on with living life. The truth is, letting the harsh treatment we get from others rule over us holds us back in so many ways. We cannot focus on living life to its fullest because our minds are constantly going over what was done to us, how unfair it was, and questioning whether justice will ever be done regarding those who have hurt us so badly. These tests and trials, just as various other ones in life, can make us better or bitter. They show us how strong we are and/or how weak we are. They testify to what we are made of and if we find that we don't handle them as we should, (which all of us can attest to at one time or another) at least we can say that we have learned from the experience. This is good because the next time we are faced with a similar situation we will have additional wisdom
which will help us through.
God never intended us to muddle through life, carrying a grudge against those who have wronged us.
Our pain is real, it's true that we have been deeply hurt, we have been done wrong, but our lives were never meant to be spent allowing our entire thoughts and actions revolve around things like these. There are people to love, places to see, and life to live and we cannot be doing these if we are wrapped up and bogged down in past hurts.
Here's help:
  • Acknowledge the pain and hurt you have
  • Pray about it and give it to God to handle, I assure you he is able to do this while you will never be.
  • Then just "Let it be" as the song says. Rest in the fact that in God's time, these wrongs will be made right. The injustice in time will seem less of an injustice to us.

I know from experience that in addition to the above actions, it will take time to heal these past hurts. Know that you cannot enjoy your life while being consumed and obsessed by those who have wronged you. I pray that none of us be overtaken by past hurts because being ruled by them has the uncanny ability to turn us into very angry people and that's never beneficial. The only thing that anger can do is totally handicap us for as long as it holds us in its grasp.

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