February 21, 2006

Crazy Making in Washington: Ports, Borders and Fighting Terrorism

The policies our Government is trying to implement are beyond belief to the average American. The recent decision to give control over to Dubai Ports World of our six major American ports is only the most recent example. Our President along with Michael Chertoff have both given their seal of approval on this ridiculous move. There is no way for the American citizen, regardless of their political affiliation to look the other way and to conclude all is well after finding out about this. We as Americans have to conclude that there is without a doubt something rotten afoot within Washington.

Have we allowed the Fox to guard the hen house?

What is the Administration's view on this? Read on.
White House defends ports takeover stance :"The White House is embarking on a vigorous defense of its decision to approve Dubai Ports World's £3.9bn (€5.7bn) takeover of P&O, the UK ports operator, in the face of mounting congressional opposition to the deal".

and here's another bit from the same article :

" The Bush administration will also call on State and Defence department officials to persuade legislators that the US has a "long-standing" and "good" relationship with the United Arab Emirates".

We will see where this goes. I believe this proposal will be approved because the Powers that be desire it. They care nothing about the average American citizens opinion on this most serious matter of national security. Just as they've cared nothing on numerous other security decisions that will effect our way of life and safety. Homeland Security is a joke at this point.

Our Government is very serious about tapping our phones without our knowledge and would go to great lengths to see that legislation is approved for measures such as this. Funny how these legislative measures seem to benefit anyone BUT the American people.

Borders Wide Open, Eyes Wide Shut

Our border policy is another joke. While thousands illegally cross our borders every day, this administration's stance is certainly not busying itself with passing legislation in favor of stronger border policy. Why isn't American taxpayer money being thrown at this serious problem? There is plenty of money for the unjust war in Iraq, yet our own nation is desperately under funded when it comes to securing our borders.

February 15, 2006

Rising tide of border crime and violence Brazen drug criminals now smuggle people.

HOUSTON – "First came an armed standoff between Texas lawmen and drug smugglers disguised as Mexican soldiers. Next, federal officials seized a stockpile of heavy-duty weaponry - assault rifles, hand grenades, and improvised explosive devices - along the Rio Grande. Then a Mexican police reporter was critically wounded after intruders fired more than 60 rounds into the newspaper's offices. These three incidents in as many weeks dramatize the rising violence along the US-Mexico border. Drug traffickers are becoming more brazen and expanding their operations to include smuggling people. Even as President Bush proposes to beef up border security, these attacks are renewing the debate over how best to keep criminals - perhaps even terrorists - from crossing into the United States".

We have serious border problems. That problem is not only shrugged off as nothing, but now our Government proposes that we turn over the controls of our ports to Dubai? Something certainly does not add up here folks. While our Government is pressing more in favor of stifling the average American citizen's rights, they show no interest at all in doing the essential things necessary to protect our borders and now what do we find out is next?

Our ports!

What will we be left with?

This administration will be leaving our nation in a horrible mess upon their departure. We now have the mile-high deficits and the sky rocketing job losses to contend with. Am I the only one who feels that we are experiencing what in the end will amount to a raping and pillaging of our nation?This nation will be left with a mess I do not believe we can recover from after they're gone. Big money for defense has been given top priority, as has been tax cuts for the most wealthy of Americans. Friends, I adjure you to pray like you have never prayed before for our nation. Those in power who have taken these actions are the ones to be held accountable. We may never know why they have done what they have done. In years past I have written about an economic downfall with decline of our currency and other matters that I have felt we cannot escape from. I do believe as I have said in related articles, that we are in for dark days ahead. But just remember that if you have your faith in God, the God of the Bible, you will not be abandoned nor ever suffer his wrath.

More on the insecure state of America to come!

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