July 9, 2005

Drug Addiction: Shattered Dreams and Wasted Lives Pt 4

A drug addict is arrogant, willful and cocky when they have money in their pocket, but they are full of hard luck stories when they are broke.
Many of them only work in order to keep a steady supply of their drug of choice.
When they are broke, they will then seek out those who they can borrow money from to keep their habit going.
If there seems to be nobody who will lend them money, they will then resort to theft and various con-games.
Arrogance and Drug Use
1.Drugs are like a shot of self confidence to those who have little or no self esteem. If the person you love is addicted to drugs, chances are you have not seen the REAL them for a long time. What you have been looking at when you gaze upon their faces is a stranger who seems to have taken over their bodies and minds.
Money In their Pockets
When drug addicts have money in their pockets, they are on top of the world and high as a kite flying in a strong breeze on a clear day. They are self assured, totally in control and seem VERY happy go lucky.
But take away that drug, that little helper of theirs and they are spoiled, tantrum throwing two year olds!
The Drug Abuser and His Job
2. Chronic drug abusers will only work in order to supply their habit. They have no use for a job and they do not take pride in a job well done as non-addicts do. The addict simply does not care about a job or taking pride in his or her accomplishments because to them, a job is only a tool they USE in order to continue courting their only true love, their drug of choice. The drug abusers that I have known will work for a few days, only until they get that paycheck, they then immediately speed to the bank, cash it and then it is straight to their dealers house where they are like a kid in a candy store. When a drug addict starts to habitually lose jobs because of the escalation of his drug use, he will then resort to theft as well as selling drugs. At this point, he is a lot closer to being put behind bars or losing his life or on the more positive side, he may be getting closer to a prodigal son experience.
The Penniless Drug Abuser
3. When a drug abuser is penniless, he is a lot LESS cocky and arrogant. He would flatter anyone and everyone if he thought it would profit him. They will borrow from anyone, no matter if the loved one they hit up for money is having a hard time paying their own bills! You see, the drug addict thinks absolutely nothing about the problems his loved one could be going through, there is only one thing that is utmost in his mind, getting his next fix.
The Drug Abuser As Thief
4. Many chronic addicts that I have known will resort to stealing if that is what it takes to get drugs. Heck, some of them would sell off their own family members without batting an eye, they are so desperate when they run out of drugs that they could care less about any morals. Why do you think drug users are such risk takers? Because they don't care WHAT happens to them or the pain it causes their families because in the grand scheme of things, it's all about getting what they want at any cost to themselves or others who might try to stand in their way. An addict who is penniless can be quite dangerous. They will stop at nothing to keep their drug supply up and to catch that next high. If you live around those you suspect of drug addiction, please lock your doors and protect anything you value. Another danger is that they may attempt to buy drugs on "credit" from the dealer. But someone always has to pay their drug dealer sooner or later.
Master Con Artists and Manipulators:
Drug addicts are masters at manipulation. They have learned this because those who truly love them are continually making an all out effort to persuade them to get clean and to STOP destroying themselves. Although those who love them SEE the obviousness in this, the addict sees the opposite. The addict believes that if you try to separate him from his drug, you are attempting to DESTROY him, therefore in his twisted thinking, you are now his or her sworn enemy. How perverted is this? Very.
I know this is twisted thinking. But in the mind of an addict it is seen this way. You try to split up a relationship between the addict and his lover, (his drug) and you are an enemy to that addict, no matter how you may try to persuade the addict that you CARE about him.
The Spirit of Addiction
I believe that there is a SPIRIT of ADDICTION. There is most certainly a spirit world that we read about in the BIBLE. There are things we can see, and there are things we cannot see. We cannot see into the spirit world as such. Only those who have died or have been given visions or dreams from the Holy Spirit have seen into the spirit world. However, it has been noted by some addicts that when they have been on their "TRIPS", they have seen "demons or other evil spirits or creatures" that have frightened some of them so much that such encounters have persuaded them to stop their drug addiction cold turkey.
When we dabble in drugs, there is a VERY solid chance that we may lose our life. And that is not the worst of it. When we exit this life, we will go to one of only 2 places. Those places are heaven or hell. We are asked of God in the bible to choose life or death. In this respect, when we choose to give our lives over to drugs, we are actively choosing death for as long as we continue our addiction.

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