June 8, 2004

God's Resounding Call

The many injustices in this world are soon coming to an end. God is going to make all things right very soon.
Our eyes are being focused on everything that brings pleasure, ease and comfort.

But very soon our eyes will see the misery that these things often produce. Into full view we will soon see the chaos that our being at ease has caused.
God is not mocked. Whatever we sow, we will reap. We here in America say often that the end justifies the means.
We shall see if that saying is true. We will in the end find out that it was only our wishful thinking that motivated us to believe that lie. Choices. They have been in our hands. We have chosen the path that we've journeyed. Each day we get up is another opportunity to make the right ones, the godly ones.

The chance for repentance is still there if we are breathing. We must anoint our eyes with eye salve so that we can see the truth of who we are, be not blind to the facts. We are increased with goods and have need of nothing- And that includes a relationship with Him who created us. We must search our hearts and not search out others to use for our own gain.

We must look to others well being instead of our own. We must walk a mile in another's shoes before we dare judge another's life. We must pray with sincerity and not pray the prayers of the Pharisees who stood in the midst of the people- God's people, in order only to be admired.

How can we think that the days ahead will go our way and there will be no consequences for our actions or inactions? Simple, we have had grace and mercy showered upon us yet we are still at ease and still repeating mistakes that should have been learned by now. We do not speak up because we have not been shook enough.

But there is coming a great shaking in the land. A great shaking for the earth. Everything that CAN be shaken, will be shaken. Everything that can be moved, will be moved. God will judge the nations and will show all men that they are just Men. Men that were and are created in order to bring glory to God, not Glory to man. We have become a nation of men-pleasers and not God pleasers. What a deception.

We are in need of God taking out the dross that is within us and molding us again into a tool to his glory and for his use. Woe and more woe will be multiplied upon mankind in order that he can be true to his heart and admit the truth instead of trusting in a lie of his own making.

What lie you might say? The lie that we can order our own steps in life. It is not in man to order his own steps. It is not in mankind to rule himself. It is only for the RULER Jesus Christ to rule man. But with the free will he gives us, we ultimately choose which ruler we will have rule over us.

Through all of this, still God is saying : Come, Let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they can be whiter than snow. And as well: I council of thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire.

Wisdom is of more value than the most desired gold. More than the finest silver.

The time of all things are quickly approaching. A time of weeping and not rejoicing. The great day of God's wrath.

Do not be one who finds himself worthy of his wrath. Be one who finds himself worthy of escaping his wrath.

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