February 4, 2004

A Warning

Dear Friends, If you have read the update on what has kept me from writing, you will know that I had been ill during much of 2003.

This illness saw me in the hospital and even after my release, it took much longer that I had thought for me to get my strength back. Many months actually. But I am better now. My thanks to all of you who have kept me in your prayers during this time.

But now I have something that I must share with you, so read on.

Since January of this year, I have had something heavy on my heart. I believe at this time I am led to write down what I truly take as being a warning to our Nation.

This warning may seem strange and totally out of character for me, but even though it's a first, I feel I must. I believe that there will be an attack of some sort in the United States and I believe that this will happen very soon. I feel it is at hand. I also believe that this will be on a much grander scale than that of September 11, 2001. To say much more than this is beyond me. I feel there will be great chaos.

Friends, all I can honestly say is that I feel strongly that God has spoken this to my heart. We have been told repeatedly by the Administration in this nation that we are "safer" since Iraq is free of the previous Regime of Saddam Hussein. I do not believe we are safer, in fact, I feel we are more vulnerable now than we were before the war with Iraq started. Now, there is only one more thing I want to add As soon as it looked as though we would be going to war in Iraq, I was very ill at ease. The invasion and occupation of Iraq by our own military.

Much has been done since this war in Iraq, this war has taken it's toll and cost much, and I am not talking monetarily.

It has cost innocent people their lives- not only our people's lives, but the lives of those in Iraq, and that is not a light thing with God. He cares for all of us. It is my opinion that this war that we have undertaken is an unjust one and there will be an accounting in the end for doing so. We were not attacked by Iraq. Our president knew this. We all knew this. We all know it now.

America, I believe will see sorrow and lamentations. I did not want to write this and fought it in my spirit, but I felt so compelled to in the end, there was no choice. The very best thing I can encourage every person to do is to pray like you never have before. Trust in God and lean not to your own understanding, Allow the light of his truth - His word, his scriptures, to be shed abroad in your own heart. I can tell you that we all must listen to him and fully place our trust and care in his hands. Especially in these last days.

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